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                                 is the stage name of Georgie Holbrook, a drag designer and textile artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Houston, TX, Holbrook now has made their mark within the community as a student in Savannah, GA by being a multifaceted creative in the city. Holbrook molds their drag persona and character work within fabric art or fashion design by embracing the fantasy that those vessels bring to them. From the very beginning, Holbrook has always understood their queerness and values exploring who they are through transformation and creativity. Now with hosting shows, styling photoshoots, and marketing their brand, they will continue to expand even more on what that means to them in a professional field. Holbrook received a B.F.A. in Fibers in 2022 from the Savannah College of Art and Design and worked as the Marketing Specialist at The Vintage Vortex in Savannah and is now the Design Intern for Marrisa Wilson NY. Examples of collaborations have included knitwear design for Kylee Christianson’s senior fashion collection, Hacker, as well as being a part of a CAD print design team for Andre 3000’s next upcoming fashion line. For the future, with the help of being a FSF 2022 Scholar, Holbrook hopes to invest in their own studio practice within surface design and knitwear to build even more stories and experiences.

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