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Welcome to "The Mobbing Birds," a fictional short story documented across three chapters and three characters. The tale begins in the year 1901, where we meet our three protagonists, Laurens Bruce, Gillian Gordon, and B. K. Mills, who in the essence, are three archetypes of the art world. The art world itself is a fascinating experience for these three. They are the people that art rests in the hands of, who uphold a certain painting within the story as valuable.

   And what might make this piece so valuable? Does it hold desire? Fulfillment? Or does it hold itself to the highest regard?

   It is a juggling right of entitlement between these three, threaded together by the final painting of Xavier Randal, titled by the same name of the story. What is known about his final painting maintains a mystery in the end. Revelations that artists themselves view their work as something to just exist.

All photography by Kayleigh Moreland


The Storybook

Hand painted with Indian Ink on White Mingeishi Paper

The Tapestry Collection

Acid dyed raw silk, deadstock tapestry backings, embellishments

The Character Shoot

Team: Photos by Jacob Morgan, Styling Mia Bovarnick, Makeup Assist. Viridian Oracle, Video Jillian Snap, Hair Diana Dash, Wearing Vintage Vortex and Kenady Warrenal. 

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