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"MARRISA WILSON New York Spring/Summer 2023 Runway Show, an ethereal collection in an intimate setting. In the MW SS23 Runway Collection, 'Of Many Waters,' founder and creative director Marrisa Wilson explores her Guyanese heritage, looking at her past and the generations that came before her. Built around an expressive print story, the gestural palm prints, multihued brushstrokes, and watercolor strokes are redolent of family boat rides down the Demerara River, long walks through the country’s lush rainforests, and the sea walls that expand endlessly across Guyana’s coastline. It is in the details where the past is drawn— the utilitarian pockets and functional trimming an homage to the uniforms of the Women’s Army Corp that emerged in the post-colonial ‘70s; the tuck lace stitching a tribute to her father’s memories of a childhood spent detangling fisherman nets; the sweater tipping and neckline inspired by Guyana’s traditional cricket uniforms that remain beloved in the country today."



Hand painted prints by Marrisa Wilson, assembled, cleaned, saturated and repeated in photoshop by me. 

CAD's for tech pecks included.  Determined scale and proportions by Marrisa and me. 


Photos from the runway by Jonas Gustavvson 


The inclusion of knits in the Spring collection developed from an idea for a open laced technique. With fisherman's net in mind, tuck stitches were the biggest contributor to the process. Developed swatches made on SilverReed Standard gauge machines with various yarns.

Final materials used for styles were 32/S Combed high twist yarn 100% Long staple cotton and 100% Polyester.



A fun addition to this experience working for Marrisa was her allowing me to work on machine knitted bags and headpieces. Two head caps and three bags were made on SilverReed standard gauge with cotton yarns for swatches.

The final determined stitch for the accessories was a transfer method of lifting open stitches onto the adjacent needle. 2x1 ribs and added beads were included. Yarn material was a Linen Wool blend made in the USA.

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